Expert, compassionate care combined with extensive medical experience is what makes Dr. Anjali Dhar standout in the world of aesthetic medicine. Based in San Jose, CA, Dr. Dhar created Luminance Regenerative Beauty & Wellness to provide cutting-edge body and skin treatments using advanced technology rooted in the power of regenerative medicine and the body’s ability to heal itself.

Hailing from a background in ophthalmology at the University of Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris, Dr. Dhar went on to complete a fellowship in dermatology at the University of California, San Francisco, where she worked on HIV skin-related diseases. She studied medicine on almost every continent before practicing here in the USA.

Healing well and well-being are important to Dr. Dhar—she believes that every person has the right to feel both healthy internally and good about themselves externally. This led to Dr. Dhar starting Luminance Regenerative Beauty & Wellness, a medspa specializing in regenerative and aesthetics medicine.

Dr. Dhar also holds aesthetic treatment qualifications in Emsculpt Neo non-invasive body contouring, injectable wrinkle reducers and fillers, Charles Runel’s proprietary technique in O-shot, P-shot and trained in hormone optimization, skin rejuvenation., and laser skin rejuvenation.

Luminance Regenerative Beauty & Wellness is proud to be a diverse and inclusive environment—from our team to our clients, we are excited to welcome everyone into our medspa. Dr. Dhar is passionate about helping each person reach their aesthetic goals that reflect their best self. She will approach your needs, concerns, and goals by treating you as a whole person and not just a set of issues.

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“The possibilities inherent in regenerative medicine with stem cells and exosomes are changing lives. Sexual health has new meaning today. Wellness with bio-identical hormone therapy and all of its advances in dermatological techniques are making people feel rejuvenated.”

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