Emsculpt NEO is a noninvasive body contouring treatment developed to address muscle tone and fat reduction simultaneously. Seamlessly blending advanced technology with our innate desire for physical enhancement, this treatment promises a solution for those seeking muscle definition and fat reduction. Dive deep into the intricate facets of this cutting-edge procedure and discern if Emsculpt NEO is the answer to your body contouring aspirations.


  • Increases muscle in targeted area by 25%
  • Up to 30% of fat reduction
  • Only technology on the market that breaks down fat and builds muscle
  • Zero downtime

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Understanding The Technology That Powers Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO uses two primary mechanisms: High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM) and Radiofrequency (RF) Heating. These work together to sculpt the body.

High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM)

Emsculpt NEO uses HIFEM to induce powerful muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions (i.e., typical exercise). These contractions result in muscle adaptation, leading to an increase in muscle fibers and cells. This results in increased muscle density and volume.

Radiofrequency (RF) Heating

Alongside HIFEM, Emsculpt NEO utilizes RF heating to raise the temperature of fat cells. This process causes the fat cells to undergo apoptosis, or programmed cell death, which is then naturally eliminated from the body over time. The RF component also promotes skin tightening.


Muscle Building

Patients can expect an increase in muscle tone and strength. A minimum series of 4 treatments is equivalent to 12-14 weeks of intense interval training.

Fat Reduction

The treatment can result in a reduction of localized fat.

No Downtime

Being a noninvasive procedure, there’s no recovery time needed.


Clinical studies have indicated a significant reduction in fat and increased muscle mass in the treated areas, although results vary between individuals. Emsculpt NEO is the only machine that is FDA-approved to treat visceral fat.

Comparison with Original Emsculpt

The original Emsculpt utilized HIFEM technology for muscle toning. The updated NEO version adds RF heating to the mix to tackle fat reduction simultaneously, making it a more comprehensive treatment.

Underlying Science

Muscle fibers operate under the “use it or lose it” principle. When subjected to regular stress, as in exercise, they grow and strengthen. Conversely, without regular engagement, they atrophy. By understanding how our body reacts to Emsculpt NEO, we can better appreciate it.

Muscle Hypertrophy vs. Hyperplasia

Regular exercises often result in muscle hypertrophy, where existing muscle fibers grow in size. However, the intense contractions induced by Emsculpt NEO can lead to muscle hyperplasia, where muscle fibers increase. This unique aspect potentially enhances more lasting and profound muscle than traditional exercise alone.

Apoptosis and Fat Elimination

Fat cells release their lipid content, which the body then naturally processes when they undergo apoptosis. This doesn’t mean these cells shrink; they are eliminated. This differs from weight loss through dieting or exercise, where fat cells reduce size but remain present.

Deeper Dive into Benefits

Discover the multifaceted advantages of Emsculpt NEO that extend beyond the mirror’s reflection.

Holistic Improvement

Beyond muscle growth and fat reduction, patients often report feeling more robust and more confident. There’s a specific empowerment in knowing you’ve enhanced your body’s natural aesthetics and capabilities.

Multiple Treatment Areas

Emsculpt NEO is designed to treat the entire body: Abdomen, flanks (love handles), buttocks, inner/outer thighs, quads, hamstrings, calves, and bicep/triceps. We have special applicators to treat each area.

Complementary to Other Treatments

For comprehensive body rejuvenation, consider combining Emsculpt NEO with other aesthetic treatments, like skin tightening or cellulite reduction procedures.

Potential Limitations

While Emsculpt NEO is groundbreaking, and offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to acknowledge its limitations:

Not a Replacement for Comprehensive Fitness

Emsculpt NEO targets specific areas but doesn’t provide the cardiovascular benefits of full-body exercise.

Weight Loss Misconceptions

Emsculpt NEO should not be viewed as a weight loss solution. Instead, it reshapes and refines the body’s contours.

The Ideal Emsculpt NEO Patient

Primarily, Emsculpt NEO is best suited for those nearing their target weight; it’s tailored for body contouring and not drastic weight loss. This procedure resonates with individuals who desire to accentuate muscle definition in specific regions. It offers hope to those grappling with stubborn fat pockets, which remain resistant despite dedicated dieting and exercise.

However, the procedure’s electromagnetic nature dictates specific exclusions; individuals with metal implants in or near the treatment area are not suitable candidates. Above all, being in good general health devoid of contraindications positions one as an ideal candidate for Emsculpt NEO.

Make Emsculpt NEO Part of a Generally Healthier Lifestyle

Embarking on the Emsculpt NEO journey is more than just an aesthetic decision; it’s about embracing a holistic lifestyle. While Emsculpt NEO can undoubtedly amplify your body’s contours, it’s best seen as a supplement to a well-rounded fitness regimen rather than a replacement. This commitment to body enhancement should walk hand in hand with a balanced diet enriched with proteins, whole grains, and a colorful array of fruits and vegetables. Such a diet supports the muscle growth fostered by Emsculpt NEO and fortifies overall health.

Beyond the treatment, staying active remains paramount. Even with the enhanced muscle definition that Emsculpt NEO offers, the heart’s health and general well-being still hinge on regular physical activity. To ensure the longevity of Emsculpt NEO’s results, consistency is vital. It complements a holistic approach that encompasses mental well-being, rejuvenating sleep, effective stress management and regular medical consultations to ensure one’s health is always at its peak.

The Full Emsculpt NEO Experience


The journey to body contouring through Emsculpt NEO starts with an initial consultation, a pivotal step that sets the tone for the entire process. Here, patients can meet face-to-face with a trained provider, a seasoned dermatologist, a skilled plastic surgeon or a licensed aesthetician. This meeting is a platform for patients to discuss their aesthetic goals and voice concerns.

To ensure safety and effectiveness, the provider meticulously reviews the patient’s medical history, with keen attention to existing medical conditions, ongoing medications and prior aesthetic interventions. After the discussion, a thorough physical examination of the targeted treatment area focuses on the existing fat deposits, muscle tone, skin texture and quality.

With all this information, you’re then briefed on what to expect, potential risks, and the typical number of sessions required for your desired results. This dialogue also presents an invaluable chance for patients to ask questions and clarify doubts. If both parties feel Emsculpt NEO aligns with the patient’s goals, the clinic then lays out the pricing structure and assists in scheduling the inaugural session.

Prepping Effectively

Preparation is essential to maximizing the benefits of Emsculpt NEO. Consuming ample water before the treatment not only keeps you comfortable but might also amplify the procedure’s effectiveness. Avoid the application of lotions or creams on the area slated for treatment that day. And opt for comfortable and easily removable clothing, allowing easy access to the treatment area.

The Session

Upon arrival at the clinic, you’ll be ushered into a serene, private treatment room to ensure maximum comfort in a relaxed, restful position. Once settled, the Emsculpt NEO device – characterized by its distinctive paddle-like applicator – is introduced. This applicator is placed snugly against your skin.

Patients experience powerful muscle contractions reminiscent of the sensations felt during high-intensity exercises like crunches or squats. The intensity is adjustable to ensure your comfort. Although a “tugging” sensation or pronounced muscle contractions are the norm, they shouldn’t be painful. Most sessions span approximately 30 serene minutes. Without lingering effects or a mandated recovery period, you’re free to dress and seamlessly transition back into the rhythm of your day.

Follow-Up Appointments

Following the initial Emsculpt NEO session, additional sessions are often scheduled about a week apart. The exact number, usually three more, depends on the provider’s recommendation and the patient’s goals. At each follow-up appointment, the provider keenly assesses the progress in the treatment area, examining changes in muscle tone, fat reduction and overall appearance. Based on a patient’s unique response and comfort level, there may be adjustments to the treatment protocol.

While most patients don’t require specific post-treatment care, providers often suggest beneficial practices to amplify results. Recommendations typically include drinking ample water, adhering to a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. To gauge the longevity and consistency of results, patients are usually encouraged to return for a long-term check-in, typically 3-6 months after completing the initial series of sessions.

Real-world Testimonials

While the assurance of clinical data cannot be understated, real-world testimonials have undeniable power, which breathes life into the statistics with personal narratives. Most Emsculpt NEO patients vocalize the tangible benefits they’ve witnessed post-treatment. Many enthuse about visible results that transcend mere muscle definition; they talk about the newfound confidence they feel in their clothes and the pronounced changes in their overall body silhouette.

Athletically inclined individuals often highlight a marked improvement in their sports or physical activities. They believe this uptick in performance can be attributed directly to the augmented muscle density and strength they’ve gained through Emsculpt NEO. But the benefits aren’t just physical. A surge in self-confidence and a renewed body image can foster significant enhancements in mental well-being and positively influence social interactions.

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